The 2017 Backcountry Trails Season

My intention at the start of the season was to post a few stories on Backcountry orientation, then post a few crew updates throughout the season.

It didn’t work out that way.

Other things got in the way,and I did not get any writing in over the entire summer. Not on any of my ongoing writing projects. Hopefully, I am back on my feet now and you can look forward to a steady supply of CCC stories.

We’ve been pretty Backcountry-centric this week, as well. Be sure, this blog is not just for the Backcountry Trials program, but for all aspects of the CCC. We will cover other stories as they come up, but I had a lot of material to get out on Orientation, and with Debriefing next week, I could not delay the Orientation material any longer without it becoming hopelessly outdated.

You will see two non-Backcountry stories next week, and the following week, I will post about Debriefing. Then we will move on to some other CCC stories.

Meanwhile, even though I did not cover the Backcountry program over the summer, there is still plenty of material out there. The CCC has graciously shared many of their pictures with us via Facebook, and they have allowed me to share some of their photos on this blog.

The following is a gallery of pics from the 2017 season, from all crews, in no particular order.

Enjoy, and we’ll see you after debriefing.

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