Backcountry Debriefing: George Godfrey, Adam Garcia, and Eric Rasmussen


Today’s podcast has three interviews from the 2018 Backcountry Trails Program debriefing. They were recorded on location in September, 2018 at Camp Mather, just outside of Yosemite National Park.

The Corpsmembers interviewed are:

  • George Godfrey: Inyo crew. Interview starts at the 4:00-minute mark. George managed a Humboldt County bagel shop before she joined the Backcountry program through AmeriCorps. George’s crew got involved in some serious mountain trail work in Inyo National Forest. Listen to George describe the fall protection…like ropes…the crew needed to use to safely work on some of their switchbacks.
  • Adam Garcia: Klamath/Stanislaus crew. Interview starts at the 11:00-minute mark. Adam came to the Backcountry Program after working trails for the Conservation Corps New Mexico. The Backcountry was a little different experience, and Adam tells us the hazards that the lack of indoor plumbing can bring.
  •  Eric Rasmussen: Shasta-Trinity crew. Interview starts at the 18:25-minute mark. A CCC Corpsmember at the Fortuna Center before the Backcountry, Eric got to see some high mountain lakes and climb Thompson Peak and Caesar Cap Peak–the two highest peaks in the Trinity Alps. (Note: the link goes to somebody else’s story of Thompson Peak and Caesar Cap, but it includes some great photos of things that Eric would have seen on that trip.)

Between-the-interview topics in this podcast are:

This episode also has a teaser for an upcoming episode on the Tehama Fire Center. If you were in the CCC and stationed at Tehama Fire Center…Corpsmember or staff…and you would like to share your stories, you can let me know by…

  • Email:
  • Phone: (530)410-4683 Be sure to leave a message with your name, and your relationship to the CCC. 

*Note the new email address! I’ve upgraded!

Of course, we would love to hear stories from everybody who has been in the CCC. Contact me!

Be sure to checkout our Facebook page for current CCC news. You can also contact me there.

The intro and outro music is ‘Boogie, Pt. 1’, used with the gracious permission of the recording artists, The Tall Pines.

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