2018 Backcountry Trail Debriefing Part 1


Welcome to the first podcast interviews from the 2018 Backcountry Trails debriefing.

New this season:

  • Music from debriefing! Hear some of the acoustic jams from Camp Mather.
  • Hear from former Backcountry Corpsmembers, including one you heard interviewed right here last year!

Listen here:


If you would like to share your trails stories, either as a podcast we could record together, or as an article with photos, contact me at either:

  • Email at: grinningdwarf@gmail.com
  • On Facebook at CCC: Hard Corps
  • Leave a message at this blog!
  • Leave a voice mail at 530-410-4683. I am pretty rural, and the call will almost definitely go to voice mail. Leave a message,and I will get back to you.


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