Coming Off Hiatus


Sorry I’ve been gone so long. Had some unavoidable issues pop up that prevented me from covering the CCC. I’m back now, and expect to stay.

Starting on Monday, I will start a short series on the 2017 Backcountry Trails Program Orientation, which took place back in April.

The following week is the Backcountry Trails Program Debriefing, which is the last day of the season. I plan to be there at Camp Mather. I would love to post live from there, but Camp Mather is kind of remote with spotty cell phone service, if any. I think I can get service if I hike up the hill to the Evergreen Lodge. I will keep you posted. I will definitely post stories and pictures as soon as I can afterward.

I also hope to finally get a story up about the Tehama Fire Center. Some of the people I interviewed for that keep asking when they will be able to see the story. They are asking “Didn’t you talk to me about this years ago?” Well, it wasn’t that long ago. It was only last year. However, even with as much material as I had, something about it didn’t seem finished. In the mean time, I found another TFC alum who had some pictures of the facility. These pictures will really help support the story. Next week, I hope to acquire a few more pictures, and then I feel my story will be complete enough to post. Thank you for your patience, TFC Veterans!

Meanwhile, if you were in the CCC and would like to tell your story, or about the center at which you served, or about a Corpsmember or staff member you served with, or about any bad ass projects you worked on, drop me a line. Let’s tell the world our stories!

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