Kelly Kate Warren: Trail Worker to Cook to Thru Hiker

Today we share with you a podcast interview with a former Corpsmember who is still having an impact: Kelly Kate Warren. KK was a Backcountry Corpsmember who became a Backcounry trail crew cook. I met KK last year when she cooked for the Shasta Trinity crew. She is an awesome cook who preforms magic with the basic items found in a trail crew camp, and her enthusiasm easily makes itself felt in crew morale.

KK is taking this year off from trail crew in order to thru hike the Pacific Crest Trail. She has already started her hike, and we wish her well.

KK has a website called The Trail Speaks that she hopes to update throughout the summer via Instagram.

KK was also interviewed recently by the Rudy Giecek of the Cascade Hiker podcast. KK talks about her walk, and her goals for her hike. Yes, she does have a goal and a theme for her hike beyond making miles and taking pictures.

Listen and find out!


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