Hitting the Trail on Monday


We’ll be hitting the trail with this place on Monday, March 27.

We’re making final touches on CCC: Hard Corps this weekend. I think I have a look that will be pretty good. I hope I’ve organized the place so that people can actually find things they’re looking for.

Coming up next week:

  • A ‘Welcome to Our Place’
  • A Corpsmember Profile
  • A Word From an Ally: Women in the Wilderness

What is a ‘Word From an Ally’?

Good question. The CCC frequently works closely with other agencies and organizations. These will be stories from those partners. I’ll admit: sometimes the line can be fuzzy. Agnes Vianzon is the founder of the Eastern Sierra Conservation Corps and a collaborator with the Women in the Wilderness program. Agnes was a Backcountry Trails program Corpsmember a…few…years ago, and on the Backcountry Trails Program staff for a long time. That makes Agnes an alum, and family. The Women in the Wilderness program is not a CCC program, but was founded by the CCC Foundation and has related goals to the CCC, and works in partnership with the CCC in some places, so that makes it an ally.

See how they relate?

Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you on Monday!

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